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Vibration Risk Assessment Report

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We evaluate human response to vibration using current applicable standards including ISO 2631, BS6841, BS5228 and BS6472. We report on Vibration Dose Values (VDV) providing vibration assessment reports nationwide. We cover all types of vibration measurements including;

  • Hand arm vibrationimg_0592
  • Whole body vibration
  • Building vibration
  • Quarry and mining
  • Ship vibration
  • Plant and machinery vibration

Providing reporting on continuous, intermittent and impulsive vibration.

Employers have a responsibility to carry out workplace vibration risk assessments where there is risk to health from exposure to vibration in the workplace. We carry out assessments and provide recommendations to demonstrate compliance with The Control of vibration at Work Regulations 2005. Among additional requirements, this establishes a whole body and hand-arm vibration exposure limit values;

Hand Arm Vibration Limit Values

  • the daily exposure limit value is 5m/s² A(8)
  • the daily exposure action value is 2.5m/s² A(8)img_0691

Whole Body Vibration Limit Values

  • the daily exposure limit value is 1.15m/s² A(8)
  • the daily exposure action value is 0.5m/s² A(8)

Our service includes monitoring the vibration or noise exposure of individual employees. We will let you know the activities that generate the vibration or noise and provide recommendations to help you reduce vibration or noise exposure in the work place.

Our vibration assessment reports are also suitable for planning applications and  insurance purposes.

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