Cost and Charges

How much does a Noise Survey Cost?

The cost depends on what you need. Often the British Standard states what needs to be measured, how long for and how it is to be measured. When we are applying an established standard such as BS4142:2014 or PPG24 or Noise At Work Regulations 2005 etc we know already what is required. However the local authority or health and safety inspector may want additional noise characteristics measured. We are happy to provide what is needed to suit your project.

Some projects, depending on the noise impact require measurements over 2 to 5 days both day and night. Railway noise always requires a full 24hr measurement.

All our measurements are attended so that we can keep an eye on what the noise environment is and to prevent tampering with the results.

To request a quote have available;

  1. The site location. A site location plan is really useful. This helps us identify potential noise sources.
  2. A brief description of the noise assessment you require. If you have a letter from the environmental health officer, your local authority or health and safety inspector, this will often tell us what you need.
  3. What you are proposing to do on site i.e build 20 houses, install new machinery etc
  4. An indication of your time scale.

You can click email it to us or call 0800 772 0431

Noise Survey Cost & Vibration Charges

  • Our fees are all inclusive.
  • No VAT
  • No additional costs unless we have agreed them with you first
  • We don’t charge extra for travel except for parts of Ireland or Scotland or if the work is outside of the UK.
  • We will tell you the cost for your work up front.

Planning applications require both night time and day time assessment. They can require a lot of work if you have lots of noise sources, its a mixed use area or there are railway lines, airports nearby etc. Full night and day time noise assessments for residential developments are available.

How Much Workplace Noise Assessment Cost

Our work place noise risk assessments are competitively priced to give value for money. We will;

  • Measure noise levels at work stations
  • Provide calculations and recommendations for hearing protection
  • Measure noise exposure of employees LEP’d (daily dose)
  • Measure Peak noise
  • Provide recommendations for reducing noise in the work place

General Notes on Costs

If your work will require more measurements or days of onsite attendance, we will let you know. We aim to provide a competitively priced service so our costs and fees will always be reasonable.

Where we design and plan solutions to limit noise or vibrations we will agree a fixed cost before commencing work.

  • Low noise survey cost
  • Low vibration assessment costs

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