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Basildon Noise Survey Reports by IOA registered Acoustician and Noise Consultants providing Noise Impact Assessments at a low cost.  

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As noise consultants we provide noise survey and monitoring services as well as solutions ioa noise consultantto control the spread of noise or vibrations.

Basildon Planning Noise Survey Report

This includes a noise assessment report for building development application, change of use or retrospective planning approval for installed plant or equipment. We keep the noise survey cost low so that a noise assessment doesnt cost an arm and a leg. The standards that can be applied include;Noise survey

  • BS4142 Noise Assessment
  • BS8233 for residential, Industrial & Office Noise
  • PPG24 where no alternative is available,
  • BS5228 for Environmental Noise
  • BB93 For noise in school and educational facilities
  • wind farm noise assessment
  • Railway Noise
  • Aircraft Noise
  • Road Traffic Noise
  • Environmental Noise and Vibration

Basildon local planning authority may have additional criteria they want measuring and reporting on.  We are happy to report on the criteria set by the local authority. If any local authority does specify how it wants the environmental noise survey to be done then we will do the environmental noise assessment as the local authority has requested.

A single day time noise assessment costs just £695 (no VAT to pay). We find this service to be cost affective. It includes the noise assessment report and site attendance to measure the noise.

Noise monitoring

We can monitor compliance to noise and vibration restrictions and assist with adherence

to regulatory and local authority guidelines. This includes;

  • Noise at Work (To HSE standards). Our work place noise assessment provides you with a measure of your employees daily dose and is suitable for insurance companies. We provide you with a noise map of your workplace and we can help you select theright hearing protection for your staff. We provide training to your staff to help them understand their reponsibility andthe importance of wearing hearing protection.
  • Entertainment and Leisure noise from concerts and events.
  • Noise and vibration monitoring at factories, construction sites, quarries, mines and oil rigs.

School, College and Educational Assessments to BB93

We provide noise insulation measurements to report on compliance with BB93 and noise criteria for educational facilities

Building Sound Insulation Test for Part E

We provide sound insulation testing to measure airborne and impact noise to demonstrate compliance with part E of the building regulations. We conduct building sound tests to satisfy building control.

Industrial Noise & Vibration Control

We provide noise survey plus assessment and design solutions to noise and vibration from industrial processes.

We have a fixed noise survey cost for standard day time assessments. Our noise survey report is robust and detailed and suitable for planning applications.

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Telephone: 0800 772 0431